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Web & Mobile Applications

We specialise in designing and building bespoke applications for the web and mobile (iOS & Android), for small to medium businesses. We can get your innovative startup idea off the ground, or revolutionise your existing business—all at low risk and low cost.

Talk to us about your startup—it's confidential, no obligation and no cost.

Our team has years of experience building fast, reliable and scalable apps for the web and mobile. We've made ideas into reality for startups, and brought existing businesses into the digital age. If you have a startup idea, or your business is still running on Excel spreadsheets and a filing cabinet, then you should get in touch to see how we can help.


We offer consulting services in two areas: WebObjects and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

  • Development and consulting work on existing WebObjects applications.
  • AWS consulting. We have been deploying our own projects to AWS since 2010, and we can help you with yours. We can design and implement custom architectural solutions for web and other applications.

Logic Squad is a Registered Consulting Partner in the AWS Partner Network. If you need help with AWS, contact us today.

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Our work

Web Applications we've made

Relief Ruler screenshot

Relief Ruler

Relief Ruler was a startup business solving the problem of finding temporary relief teachers for schools.

The majority of schools still find relief teachers for filling short term vacancies using a contact list and a telephone—often frantically in the morning, as classes are about to begin. Relief Ruler takes the stress out of the process, by helping schools to connect with their existing relief teachers and identify new ones. Schools then post vacancies to fill. Suitable teachers are notified by SMS and email. Teachers can view jobs (and accept or decline them) directly from their phones. Relief Ruler tracks everyone's commitments (and unavailability) and only makes offers to the right teachers. Schools can upload documents for the teacher to use, easily and securely.

Relief Ruler was created for Manage My Relief Days Pty Ltd, and launched in April 2015.

Hydromaster screenshot


Hydromaster is a workflow management and record-keeping system for a leading sub-contractor in the building industry.

Hydroproof is a specialist waterproofing sub-contractor for the residential and commercial building sectors. Co-ordinating a group of estimators, supervisors and installers used to involve an arcane collection of Excel spreadsheets and lots of paper. Logic Squad teamed up with Hydroproof in 2013 to develop Hydromaster—a modern, flexible application for tracking jobs from start to finish, keeping records, and managing workers. Starting with business and process analysis, Logic Squad developed a customised workflow management solution in a matter of weeks, and Hydroproof was seeing measurable financial benefit within months.

Hydromaster is in daily use on iPads in the field, and on desktops in the back office.

SurvStar screenshot


SurvStar is a startup providing online psychological testing for health, rehabilitation, teaching & other professionals.

It allows consultants to send their clients to a one-stop web application for survey completion, removing the overhead (and potential for error) from paper-based survey administration. SurvStar currently offers content licensed from Congruence, an Australian leader in the development of psychological assessment tools for use in the career development and life transition of individuals and groups in counselling, educational organisational and rehabilitation contexts.

SurvStar was developed in partnership with an Adelaide-based rehabilitation firm, and launched October 2012.

Our Process

How we'll work with you

Logic Squad’s process is iterative. We work with you to break the application into small chunks of features and prioritise them into iterations of the following process. Each loop ships a fully usable version of your product, delivering you some real business value.

No locked in, all-or-nothing plans. You control the size, scope and cost of each iteration.

Our Process Step 1

Discover & Design

This is where we work with you to understand your business, and the goals and challenges faced by you and your customers.

We take the problem you are trying to solve and translate it to a web application solution. This is further broken down into a list of individual features we call a backlog.

You prioritise and sort the backlog so we know the features that are most important to you, and together we select features that will be built and delivered.

Our Process Step 1

Build & Test

This is where we build and test the agreed features into the application to deliver a deployable working product.

As an optional extra we can also offer staging environments where the product can be acceptance tested with users and internal stakeholders before going live.

Our Process Step 1

Deploy & Measure

The application and features we have built are shipped into a live environment where it is ready for your use.

No product survives first contact with the user.

Any issues from previous builds are addressed. Based on your original business case, we measure the performance of features and together we use this information to find enhancements and new features for the backlog.

Our Process Step 1

Rinse & Repeat

A good product is never ‘done’. It is expanded, polished and refined as it reacts to changes in usage and business process.

In each iteration, a new set of features is chosen from the backlog for build and delivery. You control how much is built and when.

Our clients

Web Objects and AWS consulting

Wellcom Group Limited

Wellcom is a technology-based marketing production company with operations in Australia, the United Kingdom, Asia and New Zealand. They service both corporate marketing operations and advertising agencies with fully integrated in-house studio hubs or external client liaison and production across the globe.

Logic Squad has consulted for Wellcom on deploying WebObjects applications to Amazon's Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2). We have built production architectures for Wellcom applications (using EC2, S3, SES, and a range of other AWS products), and migrated these solutions between AWS regions. We conducted a security review of Wellcom's AWS-hosted applications.

SmartleadsUSA, LLC

SmartleadsUSA is a cutting-edge direct mail marketing company based in Florida. They provide targeted direct mail campaigns for nearly every consumer and business market, and manage all areas of direct marketing including mailing list acquisition, progressive direct marketing plans & individual direct mail fulfilment.

Logic Squad has been involved in implementation of new features for, and maintenance of, SmartleadsUSA's back-end web application, including work on a REST API, Javascript front-ends, and interfacing with existing back-end applications, databases and payment gateways.

Orcutt Winslow

Orcutt Winslow is a multi-disciplinary design firm that offers specialty services including architectural design and interior architecture. Established in 1971, the firm specializes in education, healthcare, and senior living projects in Arizona, California, and throughout the United States.

Logic Squad has helped Orcutt Winslow add new features to Virtual Project, their customized project management software consisting of multiple WebObjects applications and frameworks.

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About Us

Logic Squad is a software development shop based in Adelaide and Melbourne, Australia.

Our focus is creating web applications, and deploying them using Amazon Web Services. With the experience we've gained doing that over several years, we can help you with your AWS projects, too.

We're always looking for new and interesting work, and we have the capacity to take on new projects at any time. We have a lot of experience with working remotely, and we're very good at it. We can also work on-site—whatever is best for your business. If you think there's something we can do for you, shoot us an email now. We'd love to hear from you.