Sharing files on a FreeBSD machine with an iMac

Eric Parsonage



This document explains how to enable an iMac to see files on a FreeBSD server sitting on the iMac's local area network, using the port of netatalk. The machines used were FreeBSD 4.4-R on Intel, and an G3 iMac running MacOS 8.1. The following setup is bound to work for other versions of FreeBSD, and probably works for other versions of MacOS. The information is claimed only to be sufficient—there are bound to be other ways to do it. The instructions below should be followed as the root user.

Table of Contents

1. Compile the AppleTalk protocol into the kernel
2. Install the netatalk port
3. Enable AppleTalk on the iMac
A. Contacting the Author
B. Translations

1. Compile the AppleTalk protocol into the kernel

The netatalk port requires the presence of the AppleTalk communications protocol in the system's kernel. The following line in the kernel's configuration file will enable AppleTalk:

options         NETATALK    # AppleTalk

You should now recompile the kernel as described in the FreeBSD Handbook. You will then need to reboot.

2. Install the netatalk port

2.1. Compile and install the port

Compile and install the netatlk port as follows:

# cd /usr/ports/net/netatalk
# make all install
# make clean

2.2. Post-install configuration

Ensure that netatalk starts after a reboot:

# cd /usr/local/etc/rc.d/
# cp

Modify the configuration file to share directories:

# cd /usr/local/etc/
# ee AppleVolumes.default

You can uncomment anything in here, but note the default is to have the users home directories available.

2.3. Startup netatalk

Start netatalk:

# start

3. Enable AppleTalk on the iMac

At the iMac, enable AppleTalk by going to the Chooser and click on Shared Files. You should see your FreeBSD machine.

A. Contacting the Author

The author of this document is Eric Parsonage. Paul Hoadley marked up this document in DocBook XML.

B. Translations

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